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Why Locksmiths Should Sign Up for Google Listing for My Business

Most of us spend many hours and resources on social media marketing, but we often overlook the essential stage—improving our search rankings.

Despite how many social media platforms you use on a regular basis, Google search is still the favored go-to tool for making essential shopping decisions. Customers seeking your products and services online will likely conduct an extensive Google search.

Google is the most visited website on the planet. The site presently controls more than 92% of the search engine market. It only means that creating a Google Business Profile (previously known as Google My Business) is critical in attracting new clients through Google search and Maps.

The potential of Google Business Profile to combine search engine results into marketing endeavors is a significant benefit for all local firms. It is not just any average company listing but a powerful tool that allows you to broaden your reach by showing your business in Google searches.

But what is all the fuss about, and how can you get your company involved? Let us investigate!

Google Listing for My Business: What Are Google Business Profiles?

Google Business Profile is a free tool for local marketing that allows business owners and marketers to control how their company appears in Google Search and Google Maps. It also shows essential company information such as your name, address, contact information, website link, and business hours.

You must validate your business information after you sign up for Google My Business by creating a Google Business Profile. This is essential in any local SEO plan since it helps clients locate and review your company’s information. As a result, it is critical that the information given be correct, thorough, and optimal.

Many locksmith businesses build a Google listing to increase their visibility on Google (officially known as a Business Profile). Suppose you are one of these business owners. In that case, you may not be aware that making a Business Profile doesn’t provide you administration or editing powers, which you will require if you want your Business Profile to operate as a practical SEO and lead-generating tool for locksmith local listing.

Google Listing for My Business: What Are They?

With GBP, you can build an essential website that will bring more customers to your business. The first step on how to make a Google listing for my business is to create a GBP listing by claiming your existing page or creating a new one, then validating it. Optimizing your Google listing for my business by including keywords, a call to action, commonly asked questions, and relevant photos/videos are also critical.

When someone searches for items or services, the results are dominated by local search listings. So, the next time someone searches for your products or services in your area, your Google My Business page will appear among the results. The information from your page will be shown in three separate places:

  • Google sidebar
  • Local search results
  • Google Maps

As a result, potential clients can view your location, contact information, and other information directly from your page.

Google My Business Listing Optimization for Locksmith Businesses

Company Name

Make sure to enter your company’s name exactly as you want it to appear everywhere it may be discovered online. This is significant since the correctness of your business anywhere it appears online will help it rank higher for popular and lucrative keywords.


As discussed above, you should only reveal your company address to the public if it has a physical store that clients can visit in person.

Mobile locksmiths that only go out to their customers must choose a service radius to illustrate where and how far they are willing to travel to provide their services.

Temporary offices or post office boxes are two unusual approaches we’ve seen for locksmiths seeking new pages and, consequently, more business. However, these seldom work and it would be better to focus your energy on something that would mostly work.

Telephone Number

Local phone numbers are preferable since they are more known to people. Most consumers are less likely to trust a company with an out-of-area phone number or a toll-free number on their local page.

Operating Hours

Your operating hours should be as precise as possible. Even if you don’t receive much work late at night, advertising your hours as 24/7 will bring you more business as you expand because more established locksmiths may be closed late at night. That said, you don’t want poor ratings for claiming to be available but failing to respond when a potential consumer has an emergency outside regular business hours.

Google My Business Category for Locksmiths

While a general locksmith category might work, there are various others you should still consider, such as a safe locksmith or emergency locksmith. Be careful to choose as many as possible that are relevant to your niche.

Optimized Images

You should provide optimized photographs of your company, logos, and locksmiths executing work in the field.


Even short films of you performing locksmith services at your client’s homes or businesses may be quite beneficial. Remember that you want to appear as busy and interested as possible.

Menu of Services

In your service menu, include all of the services you offer. Popular locksmith services include the following:

  • Business Locksmith
  • Home Locksmith
  • Safe Locksmith
  • Re-keying Services
  • Key Duplicating Services
  • Keyless Entry
  • Transponder Keys for Automobiles

By being as specific as possible, you are continuously demonstrating to search engines how much more relevant your firm is in comparison to others in your locality.

Question & Answer Section

You may pre-populate your questions and answers so that future clients have a reference for frequently asked questions.

Posts & Welcome Offer

It would be best if you made a welcoming offer initially launching your internet business. Something simple like a promotional discount can make a huge impact.

Continue to post as frequently as you can. Exciting news and humorous posts as well as promotions or discounts are some things to consider.

Messaging Directly

Direct messaging is a terrific method to provide clients with a quick way to contact you. Enable the capability from your locksmith Google My Business Page, and you’re set.

Following Up Insights

After your page has been online for a while, you can see information about your locksmith firm’s performance in Google search. Phone calls, website visits, and the terms individuals discovered you for will all be shown here. This is especially valuable when you try to include more digital marketing because this graph will indicate the impact (or lack thereof) of various activities you undertake over time.

Keep track of your monthly performance reports to double down on what works best for you.

This information is constantly used as a critical component of our locksmith’s local search engine optimization services. This, in conjunction with call monitoring and Google Analytics, enforces the ability to track a successful digital marketing strategy.

Key Takeaway

Millions of businesses worldwide, including locksmith groups, sign up for Google By Business and use it to differentiate themselves from the competition and gain more leads. The platform is used by brands to interact with customers and learn more about them.

They can identify the audience most interested in their product, where they are from, and what appeals to them. Locksmith companies may also use GBP to assess their real business success.

Improve Your SEO Locksmith Business’ Reach

Google Business Profiles are ever-changing. Not only do they vary depending on the platform, but Google will also highlight areas of your profile based on the phrase sought and the sort of information that customers in your category value the most. Even better, Google will underline essential phrases in your profile’s content, increasing your visibility to the target demographic.

If you need assistance managing your search marketing efforts on Google or any other search engine, look at what Advanced Digital Locksmith Group can do for you. Our complete local SEO plan will be critical for attracting more prospective consumers to your locksmith business. Do you plan to sign up for Google My Business? Contact us right away!

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