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Americans search for “locksmith near me” 751,000 times a month, and that’s according to the July 2022 figures gathered by SEO giant Ahrefs. This boom contributes to the projection that the locksmith industry will grow faster than the US economy.

However, 76% of all locksmith have an average age of 40 or older. This can pose a problem for expanding businesses, or acquiring new customers, as:

  • People aged below 50 spend less time watching TV and reading newspapers;
  • As high as 76% of people skip video ads;
  • And only 0.1% of people click on display ads.

While locksmith advertising using TV, local newspapers, and billboards can still work, investing in digital is a must.

Locksmith Marketing & SEO

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Advanced Digital Locksmith Group is a full-service locksmith SEO digital marketing agency.

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Our agency helps businesses rank on the first page—or even become the top result—in searches for:
We offer new partners a free quote to understand their locksmith marketing goals, needs, competition, and industry position. Contact us for a free quote. Alternatively, you can read more about SEO for locksmiths and learn how your website can funnel more customers to your business.

Digital Marketing
Services for Locksmith

Locksmith SEO

“Open now near me” searches have grown over 400% yearly. This makes SEO and digital marketing a must-have for any local locksmith. Let our SEO team help you become the first business people see when they search for a locksmith near them.

Content Creation

About 92% of search traffic only click on first page results. So if your locksmith services isn’t on the front page, you’re losing out. Capture those leads with high quality website copy, videos, graphics, and blogs that will put your site on the first page of search results.

Website Design

A user-friendly website with a clean, modern design that loads fast will gain the trust of clients faster, and rank higher in search results. Overhaul your website using our website design services for all locksmith to give customers more reasons to stick to your service.

Brand Management

When customers depend on online searches to find a trustworthy locksmith, you want search engines to serve positive results about your business. Our SEO for locksmiths strategies will put the good word out, and make it easier for clients to contact you right away.

Locksmith Website Hosting & Other Packages

ADLG’s parent company began as a website design company that expanded its services to website hosting, SEO, and digital marketing. Partners can pick from our Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum tiers, according to their business goals and needs. Our most popular packages include:

Website Design

Receive a free, customized quote for your next website redesign!


starts at



starts at


Locksmith SEO

Advanced Digital Locksmith Group is a subsidiary of Advanced Digital Media Services. Our main division has helped businesses improve their click-through rates by 48% and website traffic by 306% for more than 10 years. Thus, we’ve decided to focus on SEO for locksmiths to offer the same service to all locksmith.

We’ve helped our fair share of all locksmith rank first in their area of operation. One of our clients, Alpine Lock & Safe, remains on top of Google search results thanks to our locksmith SEO services.

Our web design and development, content, and SEO teams tailored our partner’s new site to their business goals and needs. Through our partnership, they maintain a high position in first page search results for Google and other search engines.

Google's SEO ranking result shows Alpine Locks Smith and Safe's Google search ranking.

Take a look at a few of our notable clients below:

The new Alpine Lock & Safe website after the redesign. AFRER
The old Alpine Lock and Safe website before redesigning. BEFORE
Alpine Lock & Safe
The new Alexius Denver's Locksmiths website after the redesign. AFTER
The old Alexius Denver's Locksmiths website before redesigning. BEFORE
Alexius Denver's Locksmiths

We offer our locksmith SEO services in the following locations. If you're outside of these service areas, feel free to reach out for a custom solution.

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Grow Your Online Presence With Us

Generate more sales and grow your reputation as a locksmith in your area with Advanced Digital Locksmith Group.

Fill in the form below to get a free quote, or have your questions about any of our locksmith SEO services answered. You can also inquire about our individual digital marketing packages. Let’s get your locksmith business to the top of search results.

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