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How Content Writing Affects Your Locksmith Business

As with other businesses, a locksmith’s lifeline is its customers. Without them, your trade or business would cease to exist. Hence the importance of continuously improving your digital marketing strategy so that more customers can easily find you.

What is digital marketing exactly? Well, it’s basically a kind of marketing that focuses on tapping the power of the internet to get the message across to as many people as possible. In today’s world, where pretty much everyone is online, digital marketing is the best way to let people know about your business and the products and services you offer.

Even localized businesses, including locksmiths, can benefit significantly from investing in digital marketing as more people in your community will know more about you and your services using digital marketing. In fact, HubSpot data reveal that local searches offer many entrepreneurs real opportunities. Specific localized phrases like “near you” have seen a 900% increase in search queries over the past several years, with about 78% resulting in offline purchases.

Based on these numbers, it is clear that people search for services and products in their local area, and more than 3/4 of them become actual customers in the real world. This is a large pool of potential customers that you can tap into by simply utilizing the best SEO practices, which include producing engaging locksmith articles.

What Is a Locksmith Content?

Content writing usually involves the creation of blog posts. These can be hosted or published on your own website or through a blogging platform. Either way, a blog is a must for any business that seeks to establish a solid online presence.

Now, churning out blog after blog on a regular basis is relatively easy. However, for people to be interested in what you publish, the blogs you write should be informative and/or entertaining. This is where writing about locksmithing can be a challenge; because let’s face it, topics about keys and locks aren’t really going to attract many people. The only time people would deliberately look for and read about door locks on the web is when they’re having problems with them.

Another challenge in writing about this particular niche is constantly coming up with new topics every day. That’s why it’s best for locksmith businesses to employ a digital marketing company that offers blog writing services. It’s so that you won’t have to think about this important aspect of digital marketing and just focus on what you do best: to provide the best locksmith services.

Improving Your Locksmith Business with Content Writing

A locksmith company, just like any business, will thrive so long as it remains in the public eye. Visits and calls will eventually dry up without clients being reminded of your locksmith services. To prevent this from happening, you have to draw in new clients consistently, and you can do this by producing high-quality locksmith-related content on your website.

Below are some of the best article writing practices that can help improve your locksmith business’ online presence, which can result in more customers:

1. Good content uses the pyramid style of writing.

The pyramid method of writing involves placing the most important information at the beginning of the article or blog post and the less important details at the bottom. The arrangement prevents your readers from having to scroll down just to find the answer to their questions. This is also known as “keeping the most important content above the fold.”

2. Good content makes full use of white space.

If someone visits your website and finds a virtual wall of text, chances are they’d immediately leave the website. That’s because, according to studies, a page full of text isn’t pleasing to the eye. To keep people glued to your content, you must make good use of white spaces by breaking it up with short paragraphs, headings, subheadings, bullets, images, and other elements.

3. Good content is written from a local perspective.

Many locksmith companies are small, and the local community usually makes up most of its customers. Thus, your locksmith SEO articles should appeal to them by focusing on their specific needs. When this is the case, SEO Tribunal believes that locksmith sales can boost not only the online market but even the local stores.

4. Good content can inform and encourage readers.

Locksmith websites that contain boring descriptions of the services offered are not likely to be noticed. Although it is sometimes necessary to provide basic descriptions of your services on your website, you can do so by coming up with content that is well-written and interesting and inspires visitors to take action.

5. Good content can tell a story.

The Harvard Business Review said that man is motivated by compelling stories. They want to relate to the lives of others. With this in mind, your locksmith blog topics must be written in a story-telling style to encourage people to actually read your content.

6. Good content considers SEO and keywords.

SEO (search engine optimization) refers to the online technique of helping websites rank higher in search engines such as Google. According to a recent Oberlo research, Google holds 92% of all search engine market shares, with over 3.5 million people doing online searches daily. As a locksmith company owner, you can take advantage of this information to produce quality locksmith SEO content where keywords are used to refer to specific brands of locks, locksmith service types, or lock tools and techniques.

7. Good content is optimized for mobile.

Nowadays, most people access the internet via their smartphones more than personal computers. Given this, the best locksmith content should not only be accessible on a desktop computer but should also be readable on mobile devices.

Key Takeaway

Quality locksmith content considers all the factors that can help increase a locksmith company’s visibility online. You need to produce the best content possible to attract Google’s search algorithm and climb up the ranks for targeted keywords. This will allow you to convert keyword searches into actual customers.

Many locksmith business owners choose to create their own content rather than hire professional writers. While this is okay, it can lead to flat and jargon-filled writing, which can be distracting. It also fails to consider how much time and effort should be devoted to locksmith article writing.

Advanced Digital Locksmith Group can produce excellent locksmith content for you.

There’s little doubt that content writing is a key element when it comes to high search engine ranking. If you’re not producing this, your locksmith business will not rank. This is where Advanced Digital Locksmith Group can help. Our team of professional content writers has the skills and knowledge to produce content that effectively incorporates keyword placement techniques, locksmith advertising strategies, and technical coding principles. Call us now and see us weave magic into your content.

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